Never pay to win

Free to play

Player owned economy


In the past, players have purchased skins and in-game items from NPCs (Non-Player Characters). These items were unable to be transferred from player to player and are often found abundantly in-game.

Big Time is leading the shift from stale game economies to player-owned economies, allowing players to produce, collect, trade, or lend scarce in-game items. Big Time returns this power to the players with a fully player-owned economy and scarcity built into every digital collectible. Whether you choose to gather resources, craft wearables, the options are endless.






Cosmetics & utilities

Cosmetic Digital Collectibles

Cosmetic digital collectibles are skins that can be applied to in-game weapons and armor to enhance their look in-game, as well as other cool cosmetic effects such as sounds, footprints, and particle effects.


Workshops are digital collectibles that are placed in your SPACE. They consist of Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens. Forges & Armories are used to craft and upgrade cosmetic weapon & armor digital collectible skins. Time Wardens are used to craft, recharge, and upgrade Hourglasses. Hourglasses are utility digital collectibles that must be equipped in-game to earn tokens.

Both of these digital collectible types can be obtained in-game through regular gameplay, and can also be purchased in the Open Loot Marketplace.


SPACE is an expansion to your Personal Metaverse, which comes in various rarities and sizes. The larger your SPACE, the more items you can showcase, and the more expansions you can add to your personal pocket universe. The rarity of your SPACE dictates the rarity of the items produced by your Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens.

SPACE can drop in-game as an digital collectible through regular gameplay. However, SPACE is not required to play the game. If you would like to produce in-game digital collectibles, you will need SPACE and Utility digital collectibles (Time Wardens, Armories, and Forges).

The Forge is your weapon skin production center. Produce rare weapon skins based on harvesting in-game items, and processing them through your Forge for upgraded weapon cosmetics.

The Armory is your armor skin production center. Produce rare armor skins based on harvesting in-game items, and processing them through your Armory for upgraded armor cosmetics.

Time Wardens are summoned into SPACE and may be purchased in-game or through the Marketplace. The Time Warden's main purpose is to either create Hourglass digital collectibles or fill them back up.